#hcsm – February 15, 2015


  1. If HCP engages (appropriately & legally) w/ a pt online & pt feels privacy is violated: What does pt do, what should HCP do?
  2. When should HCPs jump into patient conversations/forums online? When should they not?How do HCPs learn unwritten HCSM rules?
  3. Can HCPs fire patients based on behavior they may see online? Why/not? And do pts fire HCPs for online behavior? Discuss

Don’t forget – if you’d like to submit a topic for a future #hcsm chat, you’re welcome to! Read the details on the different ways to submit a topic for a #hcsm chat. Also, if you missed the chat, or want to add additional thoughts & feedback to the above discussion topics, leave a comment & keep the discussion going!



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