(Flashback) #hcsm guidelines

(A flashback is a revisit to a post, topic, or principle established by the #hcsm community. Today, we’re revisiting the #hcsm community guidelines or “rules of the road” for participating in a chat.)

What are the rules of #hcsm?

  1. Respect others, even when your opinion varies
  2. Do not promote yourself, a service, or a product that you or your company provides within the hourly scheduled chats. (Also known as “no shameless self-promotion” during the #hcsm hour).
  3. Disclaim any affiliation with a product or service or company that you have financial ties to.
  4. Have fun!

#hcsm is a global conversation that stands for Healthcare Communications and Social Media. Questions about #hcsm? Feel free to tweet @HealthSocMed or e-mail your question.

  1. Sensible, useful rules back then and now. Good to have the reminder, especially as new people and organizations join the conversation. And aren’t you relieved I haven’t pointed out that #3 ends in a preposition?

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