Eureka – a new way to archive #hcsm tweets?

I found a new analytics tool that does a much better job archiving the #hcsm ‘firehose’ on Sunday nights.

Previously, the preferred archive looked like this. Pros: easy on the eyes. Cons: only got about 10-25% of the tweets, 50% if we were lucky.

Now, the #hcsm archive can be showcased in spreadsheet format. Pros: 99.9% of tweets available. Cons: formatting isn’t so nice, and it might take up to 24 hour hours to be available each week.

What format do you prefer? Sound off & let me know!

  1. I actually really like this format. I guess though it would be harder to direct people to a link to see it on the Web rather than with a file to download.

    Maybe there is a way to work Google Docs into the system to do just that?

    Thanks for doing this!


    • Dana
    • November 15th, 2010

    Andre – thanks for the feedback! Regardless of the archive choice, I’ll continue to post it each week with the topics (like last night’s so people can get to it easily.

  2. WhatTheHashtag or some similar system is my choice. WTH has an odd date system that may be on Greenwich Mean Time or something. I’m always looking for a better alternative.

  3. I liked seeing it all in the Excel spreadsheet but really think all my contributions should be highlighted in purple. 😉

      • Dana
      • November 16th, 2010

      Sorry, Meredith. All things purple & #hcsm are already claimed ;).

  4. What about both? What about providing options from CoverItLive, “Eureka”, WTHashtag, TwapperKeeper, and anything else, so that folks can grab what works best for THEM? I don’t care for CoverItLive, so still keeping my own archives. Is teh spreadsheet from TwapperKeeper, or some new tool? THANKS for continuing to explore this!

  5. I’d like us to stop and think for a moment about what the purposes are of the archive and what are the desirable functions. We were just having a chat about this over at #phdchat, and I realized we hadn’t articulated this for #hcsm. Here are a few I am thinking of, and perhaps others have more.

    1) Have an archive I can get back to when I miss a chat or forget something, and want to find it much later, after Twitter has sent the Tweets to the great archive in the LoC but are no longer searchable in the Twitter search engine.

    2) Have an archive that is searchable, preferably in Google, but perhaps in other ways as well.

    3) Be able to get metrics about the #hcsm chats.

    4) Be able to export to a spreadsheet and analyse.

    5) Be able to position the #hcsm chats as The Place To Be on this topic be virtue of making the information and conversation as transparent and discoverable as possible.

    6) Be able to distinguish the active real-time synchronous chats from the background week-long sharing and conversations.

    To my knowledge, there is no one tool that does all of this, so I find myself using many tools. This is not a bad thing, because for every place we archive the content, that makes it discoverable by a different community. That’s a good thing, right?

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