#hcsm – October 3, 2010

Wrong time zone? No sweat. Don’t like Twitter.com, TweetDeck, TweetChat, or TweetGrid for #hcsm? No sweat. Forget about #hcsm this week? Well…we won’t hold it against you..for too long.

Watch the live #hcsm stream from October 3, 2010 at 8pm Central here (new window). If you missed the chat, you should be able to come back and scroll through it again, any time.


  1. Foursquare has released ‘merit badges for better living’ (http://bit.ly/bRcZMB) – would you check-in places for better health?
  2. Are social media skills taught or learned? Or is it common sense? How do you teach someone to protect their privacy online?
  3. This week, Malcolm Gladwell said Facebook and Twitter can’t change the world (http://bit.ly/c1YSIr) or solve ‘human problems’ of motivation. Can Twitter and Facebook really impact healthcare (and motivation)?
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