#hcsm – September 19, 2010

Every once in a while, #hcsm participants ask for an alternative format to shake things up. Thus, the “unmoderated” or “free for all” or “open mic” sessions were born. You might ask – “How are these different from a ‘normal’ chat and how do I participate?”

  1. Introduce yourself as normal. Introduce yourself as you would during a regular chat.
  2. Start chatting! Because it’s unmoderated, you get to talk about whichever topic you have on your mind in any order.
  3. Please note that we still expect you to be respectful with other folks while you chat!

Make sense? If you don’t like this format, that’s ok. We only do it every few months or so. A ‘normal’ #hcsm will be back next week! If you’d like to submit a topic for a regular chat, please e-mail it in.


  • Q: What makes a #hcsm topic? What should we talk about tonight?
    A: Whatever is on your mind. Facebook pages for hospitals? Sure. Social media policies and strategies for non-profit health care organizations? Cool. Who owns/should run social media in your health care org? Also good.
  • Q: I don’t like this format. What should I do?
    A: Listen & learn, even if you feel it’s too chaotic to get any big ‘take aways’ – you can always come back. You can also feel free to e-mail me if you want to share further opinions about it.

Have a great #hcsm week!

  1. Don’t know that I could ever introduce myself as “normal.” Who would believe me?!?

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