#hcsm – August 29, 2010

Wrong time zone? No sweat. Don’t like Twitter.com, TweetDeck, TweetChat, or TweetGrid for #hcsm? No sweat. Forget about #hcsm this week? Well…we won’t hold it against you..for too long.

We’re trying out a new way to keep the great discussions that occur every week during the #hcsm chats alive.

Watch the live #hcsm stream from August 29, 2010 at 8pm Central here (new window). If you missed the chat, you should be able to come back and scroll through it again, any time.

August 29 topics:

  1. Is usage of SM adding to or subtracting to burnout in HC professionals? How?
  2. What would full disclosure of hospital med errors mean for HCSM? It may decrease costs, but what about reputation, trust, etc?
  3. If you were buildling a Facebook ‘group’ or page, how specifically would you build it up? What tactics? Why group vs. page?
  1. My tweets doesn’t appear in the stream. Same happened last time I joined the chat. I just can’t understand why. Can you help me? Thanks in advance

      • Dana
      • August 30th, 2010

      Sure – usually this is a problem with Twitter & how they have data stored with your account. You should contact Twitter (submit a help ticket) and ask them to clear your cache so that you can post tweets to a hashtag. That usually takes care of the problem!

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