Recap: #hcsm on 8/15/10

Just to give a recap from the chat last night. The topics were:

  1. Should you friend your patients? (If you’re not a doc – should you/would you friend your doctor?) #hcsm

    A lot of respondents said no, they don’t friend their patients – unless they have two, separate accounts. A discussion ensued regarding having a ‘personal’ versus ‘professional’ presence online. We also chatted about expectations for engaging on Twitter, Facebook, or elsewhere.

  2. Where do you get your health information from online? Who/what do you trust? Are these offline sources that you transfer your trust to online? #hcsm

    There was a diverse response, as expected. Some people trust health agencies like CDC, NIH, or HHS. Some people take a look at Wikipedia or WebMD – with a grain of salt. Others mentioned using their network online and their health care providers as resources.

  3. What should collaboration (in social media) between public health agencies and the broader public health community look like? #hcsm

    The discussion focused heavily on the philosophy that public health agencies & leaders should be broadcasting but also taking in feedback and having two-way dialogues. Collaboration is key.

Want to read over the whole thing? Click here and read through the feed, as captured with CoverItLive. This is the first time I tried using CIL to capture & archive the feed, so as always, please share your feedback!

  1. August 16th, 2010

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